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Reaching a Fair Alimony Payment ArrangementAlimony, or spousal support as it's known in California, is commonly a sensitive matter in divorce proceedings. When a couple has established shared income during their marriage, the court recognizes that there should be some consideration for the more dependent spouse. The higher earning spouse, whether it be the husband or wife, will usually have to submit to spousal support payments to allow the other spouse to transition to life after the marriage ends.

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With over 70 years of collective family law experience, the team at Quinn & Pulley, APC has seen countless clients through the process of divorce and alimony negotiations. Our experienced Rancho Cucamonga alimony lawyers make sure that we provide a sober perspective on a couple's finances while securing an appropriate alimony agreement that honors both spouses. Whether you are the paying or receiving spouse, you can rest assured knowing we have the resources and insight to handle your case.

How Is Alimony Calculated in California?

Much like child support and custody, there are a number of different factors the judge must take into account when rendering an alimony decision. They often deal with the new realities each spouse must face after the marriage.

To make a spousal support ruling, the judge will consider:

  • Skills and education of the supported spouse
  • Any unemployment that occurred during the marriage
  • The current job market
  • Any employment or educational opportunities a spouse gave up
  • Each spouse's mental and physical health

These are just a few of the many factors that can be relevant in deciding an alimony payment schedule. While there are free spousal support calculators available online, determining an accurate number can only happen in court when all relevant factors have been clearly presented to the judge.

Our Rancho Cucamonga Spousal Support Lawyers Can Help

Spousal support can also come in other forms. Sometimes the court may allow a lump sum to be paid, or order payments that only last during the divorce proceeding. Whatever the case may be, the only way to ensure that an agreeable alimony schedule is determined is by making sure your circumstances are emphatically asserted in court by your legal representative.

The experienced Rancho Cucamonga alimony attorneys at Quinn and Pulley, APC are proud to serve people of San Bernardino County, and will be happy to fight for your best interest. We provide representation to clients throughout Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario, CA.

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