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10-15-14 Jason

Claremont Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Certified Family Law Specialist in Claremont Taking Divorce Cases

Divorce and family law disputes are sure to shake the foundations of your daily life and your closest relationships. When you are confronted by one of the biggest challenges you might ever face, make certain that the legal representative you choose to work with has the knowledge and know-how to protect your best interests but also the compassion and insight to do so without putting additional stress on you and your family. At The Law Office of Beverly W. Quinn, our Claremont family law attorneys have been there for families throughout Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga since 1977.

We are led by Attorney Beverly Quinn. In addition to earning the trust of the peoples in her communities, as evidenced by our numerous positive client testimonials, she has also earned the title of Certified Specialist in Family Law by the California Board of Legal Specialization.

In order to earn Family Law Certification, an attorney must:

  • Be an expert in their field of practice, understanding all relevant laws top to bottom.
  • Have years of experience in their particular field.
  • Achieve a history of successful case results and victories, in and out of court.

You can schedule a FREE consultation with our divorce lawyer in Claremont to start learning your legal options.

We are Known for Delivering Results and Amicable Solutions

When you combine the years of legal experience of our Claremont divorce attorneys, it is over half a century’s worth. All of that time spent dedicating our careers to helping others in intricate and sensitive familial disputes has allowed us to manage just about any family law case imaginable. Whatever is bothering you and your family, you can find confidence in knowing that it is nothing that will surprise our professionals.

Some of the many facets of family law cases we can handle include:

If you do not think that taking matters to the courtroom is the right solution, we can always help you explore options of mediation. During mediation, you and your spouse or other family member will set where and when you want to meet, allowing you to circumvent the potential struggles of finding a court date that works for both of you. One of our Claremont family law and divorce attorneys will act as a neutral third-party who is not there to make decisions for you but rather to guide you to the best outcome and provide much-needed legal insight.

Putting Personal Touches into Impersonal Legalities

It may be strange to accept but the law has many ways of influence your family life, especially when you are faced with a point of contention, such as divorce. To put yourself and your family into a more comfortable place, contact our Claremont divorce and family law attorneys at your earliest convenience. We genuinely want you to be successful in this endeavor and can go the extra mile to see it happen.

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